Key Features

Program/Key Features

Grail House for Men is a structured transitional living community that helps adult males develop life skills and healthy coping mechanisms that increase the likelihood of successful and substance-free reentry to the community. While residents may stay anywhere from 3 to 12 months, it is recommended that residents plan to stay with us for at least 6 months to support their recovery process.

Our residential recovery program provides structured supervision and accountability, addictions recovery support,and a strong social support network.

Key Features

Structured Supervision. Grail House for Men supports residents through structured supervision that ensures accountability and an alcohol and drug-free environment. We administer random drug screens and maintain a no-tolerance policy with regard to substance abuse.

Addictions Recovery Support. Residents are required to obtain a sponsor and attend at least 3 AA/NA meetings weekly. The house manager and resident mentors provide additional support and guidance throughout the week.

Life-Skills Training. Residents are required to work, volunteer or attend school full time at least four days each week. Residents are also required to attend support meetings throughout the week and are responsible for house chores and meal preparation. Learning to balance these multiple responsibilities is excellent preparation for transitioning back into daily life without drugs and alcohol. Our house manager is available to all residents as needed.

Social Support. Our recovery house has been designed to encourage healthy peer support. Residents share a bedroom,have easy access to a house manager, and attend all house meetings. Supportive friends are easy to find in common areas such as living rooms, kitchen and dining
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